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Initiates of Annapolis (MD) Alumni Chapter

The Mighty A

July 1971


July 1973

Joseph F. Ennis

Ronald Gary
Roland H. Otey, Jr.

Sherman A. Bernett, Sr.
Nathaniel Tolson

July 1975

November 1980

June 1982

Wes Baldwin
Michael Jones
Jessup T. Melvin
Leslie Mobray
Michael Roberts

Charles W. Ross
Vernard J. Tyson

Robert J. Debnam
T. Roosevelt Williams, Jr.

June 1986

June 1988

July 1989

Michael J. Miller
Michael C. Poteat
Chauncey Smith

Gerald S. Anderson
Philip M. Faxio
Melvin W. Jones

George Emory Gaither III

March 1992

November 1993

May 1996

V. Keith Brown, Sr.
Guy A. Joseph
Al Murphy
Matthew Thomas
J. Anthony Towns
Timothy Walters

W. Lee Enoch
Ernest Green
Larry B. Johnson
Willie C. Liles
Jeffrey Moody
Laverne Robinson
Alfred D. Roscoe III
Eddie L. Swanson, Jr.

Daryl J. Dorsey
Kory Miller
Mark Thomas

May 1998

November 2000

March 2004

Remus L. Boxley, Jr.
Troy C. Brockett
Iverson S. Melvin
Michael L. McClam
Harold Young III

Jerome Countee, Sr.
Michael E. Greene
Sean P. Smith

Joseph Bowman
Briant K. Coleman
David M. Keyes
Anthony Knight
Eric McCollum, Sr.
Peter Swaby, M.D.

March 2005

March 2006

March 2007

LeVar Rashawn Farrior
Jesse Sandle, Sr.
R. Ali Williams
Keith Yancey

Marcus Clark
Emerson Harris
Melvin Jarvis
Kyle Washington

Derek J. Ford
Oscar D. Grant III
Dwight Miller, M.D.
Kevin J. Mullone
Steven Ratchford

March 2008

March 2009

March 2010

Howard Toorie
E. Dexter Foreman

Maurice Branch
Alan Griffin

Ricky Cooksey
Seun Finnih

March 2012

November 2015

March 2017

Carl J. Frederick, Jr.
Sean Stamps

Warren Morris
Daashawn Scott
Willie Reid
Willis Stamps
Chris Thomas
Chris Jackson

Jaren O. Waters

March 2018

June 2019

March 2023

Thomas A. Syrkett
Carlos D. Clay
Marc A. Watson
Marcus A. Yancey
Gregory E. Browne

Malik Drake
Aaron Lewis III
Fredrick Davies
Douglas L. Sims Jr.
Mark McCutcheon

Patrick Clark
Anthony Henderson
Troy Thompson
Jason Jordan-Griffin

March 2024

Shelby Parker
Peter Smith
Reginald Stevens
Thomas Lester

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