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The Guide Right is Kappa Alpha Psi national service program to help improve the lives of young men through various educational and vocational opportunities. Staying true to those principles, the Annapolis (MD) Chapter Alumni supports male youths ranging in age from 8 to 18 years old.

Program Objectives

  • Provide enrichment opportunities for young through academia, general life skills and social activities necessary to attend higher education institutions.

  • Provide general guidance, mentorship, and leadership that support confidence and courage.

  • Promote social and personal responsibility through service and community engagement

  • Encourage high ideals such as scholarship and citizenship


Annapolis (MD) Alumni Guide Right Program

Steadfastly adhering to the fundamentals of ACHIEVEMENT, the Annapolis (MD) Alumni Guide Right Program provides excellent opportunities and social guidance for middle and high school males through its Kappa League. Our program offers excellent opportunities and social guidance while providing the necessary tools to enable young men to adapt to today’s changing landscape and environment.

The overall goal of the Annapolis Guide Right program is to guide young men in the right direction by providing them with practical training opportunities and activities to foster positive character development. Currently, our Guide Right Program operates out of two locations; Robin Wood Recreation Center in Annapolis, MD, and Samuel P. Massie Academy in Forrestville, MD.

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